…the perfect timing…

I swear.

Kids are programmed to do something ridiculous at just the exact moment they shouldn’t.

I also think this ridiculous thing, when it happens, is not only embarrassing…but so beyond crazy that it leaves those who witness it wondering your ability to parent.

Case and point:

After picking Elle up from school (and hearing how brilliant and sweet she is…you KNOW her teacher is now my new favorite person) we went to the commissary to pick up last minute dinner items.

Somewhere between the shelves of coffee and the Goldfish crackers, this handsome older gentleman wearing a veterans hat walked by, pinched her cheek, and commented on how sweet she was and what a great hat she was wearing.

He was super sweet in that Santa Claus meets high and tight meets retired General kind of way (I *think* that’s what the stars on his bill meant).

Does my child smile? Does she say “thank you”?

Nooooooooo…(though she was prompted to do both.

Nope.  Not even close.

My sweet, brilliant little girl growled.


Then flexed her arms (very dramatically), and yelled out “GUN SHOW!”

…and that, my friends is how you develop your reputation as a psychologist in a very small community.


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