…life and tea…

…for me, busy thoughts at the end of the day are often silenced by a good mug of tea and some snuggles with a certain Marine.

Tonight we’re watching a Food Network Challenge where the chefs are cooking with “waste food” (food that cannot be sold).  The basic premise of the challenge is to force the chefs to create something with items that are being thrown away/discarded because they aren’t good enough for typical American consumer.  I know that the point of the show is to open viewers eyes about the wastefulness of American consumers, and it has mine.

But my question is – how to change it?

We consistently throw away and waste food in our house.  Joe and I actually just had a conversation about this.  We get rid of SO much stuff in our house that goes unused.

…but how to stop?

I think it’s time to action-plan in our house.


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