…a different life…

Sometime.  Just sometimes.

I wonder what it would be like to have gone a different path.  To have a different life.

What would it be like to have stayed in Michigan?

To have not gone to Mississippi?

To have matched on match day?

To have a husband who is home all the time?

To be close to family…

…life is full of choice.  And where we are, I fully believe, is by some magical combination of destiny and free will.  We are where we are lead…

…but as the fall is rolling in, I find myself thinking of Mt. Pleasant. 

And our little home on Fancher.

…and for a moment, I let myself wonder what life would be like if Joe and I were in Mt. Pleasant.  If we stayed on Fancher…in our little Cape Cod with the navy shutters.  

How different would our life be?

But after allowing myself to miss the sweeter parts of my memories…I am mostly relieved.  

…I’m happy to have taken that leap of faith.  

To marry that man I was so scared to love.  

To travel and live.

To make a life for ourselves, to include a little curly-haired miss and a fat-ass dog.

…I’m happy it’s not different.  But on this late, random Sunday…my heart aches a little for a simpler time.  

…and that little house on Fancher.


One thought on “…a different life…

  1. This is beautiful. I feel a little similar with my husband…marrying a military man isnt the safest path, it was a risk not only marrying him and moving serveral miles away from my home turf, but I wouldnt have it any other way.

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