Because I’ve gone too long without posting a picture:)

This is from our very first anniversary:)

Yes. We upheld the tradition of eating some of the cake from our wedding. It wasn’t too bad once you got past the smashed layers of frosting (from our 18 hour trip home). I still wouldn’t recommend it. And what did get smashed in my nose and mouth stung a little…I didn’t take it as a good sign.

Anyways. We spent the night eating the courses of dinner at different restaurants. Appetizers and drinks a Chilis, crab legs and salads at Red Lobster (hrmmm…chain restaurants anyone???), and then dessert at Marble Slab Creamery (the southern version of Cold Stone).

Eating ice cream was the most fun though. There wasn’t room inside, and it had just stopped raining so everything outside was soaked. Joe, being the genius that he is, popped the trunk of my car and we sat, looked at the giant Christmas tree in front of the hospital, and waved at people honking as they drove by. I think we really laughed the whole night.

Anyways. We got home and broke open the cake. I have to say, I didn’t see it coming (though I should have), but Joe was SO good at our wedding…after being threatened with a quickie divorce if he deviated so far as a millimeter from course with that damn cake. I just had no clue. I should have seen it coming. I really should have.

BTW. Frosting straight up the nose is never a pleasant experience.

Cute picture though. I guess he’d been looking forward to it for the last year. And I wasn’t too upset (though I was blowing out chocolate through my nose the rest of the night) because he returned to the scene of the crime and let me retaliate. Hehe.

Love you baby:) You and your coniving…plotting…cake smashing self!

SO beautiful. Even after a year in the freezer.

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